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Self Catering

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Price Includes
Rates displayed are on a self-catering basis
House Rules

Guests please need to bring their own beach towels.
The owners live on the premises with their pets, and other pets are, unfortunately, not allowed.

Cancellation Policy
More than 1 month before check-in 50%deposit refunded
More than 2 weeks before check-in 25%deposit refunded
Less than 2 weeks before check-in 0%deposit refunded
per night (sleeps 2)
From R620
per night (sleeps 2)
per night (sleeps 2)
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  • Capacity: 2 people
  • Check-in: 14:00 to 20:00
    Check-out: 10:00
  • Address: 2 Bligh Street, Trafalgar, Southbroom, 4275, KwaZulu-Natal
  • All ages welcome
https://travelground.imgix.net/AAEAAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAA9e4226157b7025814b0a37c5f5fd053f391df500b5a991314ecc5e15e605a2ba26966576322df94f5c1b7677914ddea87a0b?w=1440&h=960&fit=crop&auto=enhance,format,compress&q=80 From R620 per night (sleeps 2) 10 5 1 5 2 Bligh Street Trafalgar 4275 KwaZulu-Natal 021 201 8901 14:00-20:00 10:00 -30.952393141444 30.291706414258