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Location: Botrivier, Overberg

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Verified All of our establishments are checked and verified
Lekke Prices We offer competitive prices and don't add on hidden costs
Payment Options We accept EFTs, debit card and credit card payments
Honest Advice Our friendly and experienced agents can help with anything

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Why they choose us

1 day ago
"Overall a very user-friendly experience. The website makes sense, payments and bookings are processed effectively. Will use again!"

- El-mé R

3 days ago
"It's so easy to make a booking, and when I did a follow-up, the lady who answered the phone was very friendly and helpful."

- Feroza O

4 days ago
"Great selection of stays for us and our dogs. We have hardly had any disappointing accommodation experiences."

- Leigh-anne S

1 week ago
"The system is great, feedback was quick, we were kept up to date on our booking, and service delivery was concluded very well."

- Rosalia S

2 weeks ago
"My preferred search/booking platform. Very efficient and the booking discount is a very welcome surprise."

- Jolene D

2 weeks ago
"They respond very quickly. Their customer service is very good. It is easy to make a booking. They communicate well with their customers."

- Nomfundo S

2 weeks ago
"Our booking agent Michell was very helpful and friendly. It made the stay even better than we had imagined."

- Melana P

2 weeks ago
"LekkeSlaap is the cheapest and most convenient way to book, and provides you with everything you need to know before booking."

- Charade L

2 weeks ago
"LekkeSlaap always comes back in time. Reminds you about your stay. I am always very satisfied with the services."

- Petro P

2 weeks ago
"As an English speaking person, I had my daughter-in-law do the booking for me as most emails, etc., were in Afrikaans."

- Paul G

3 weeks ago
"Awesome service as always. Kept me up to date with my booking at all times. Felt well looked after and will use again."

- Karen T

3 weeks ago
"I like LekkeSlaap for booking amazing holiday accommodation. Easy to book and what you see is what you get."

- Friedrich K

3 weeks ago
"The best booking site. Easy to navigate and there is always excellent feedback. I love the reminders provided for one's stay."

- Zoë D

3 weeks ago
"I use this site for all my accommodation bookings. I have never had a bad experience, and what you see is what to expect."

- Linda P

3 weeks ago
"Excellent experience. This will definitely be our go-to site for booking accommodation in the future. Thank you."

- Mara C

3 weeks ago
"Thank you to LekkeSlaap for our booking. A big shout out to Jeremise Jansen for the exceptional customer service."

- Heinrich S

3 weeks ago
"I use LekkeSlaap as a host and guest. It is my go-to site for bookings and very user-friendly for hosts too "

- Mandy G

4 weeks ago
"Thank you for providing trusted and reliable accommodation. Looking forward to booking through you guys again."

- Mathilda M

4 weeks ago
"Lance Gordon was an exceptional booking agent. His responses were fast, professional, and helpful. He is an asset to the company."

- Trish B

1 month ago
"I love the easy payments and bookings and the WhatsApp messages to remind me and provide additional info. Thank you, great service!"

- Erin S

1 month ago
"Very easy to book accommodation with LekkeSlaap and they update you regularly about your upcoming stay."

- Hayley K

1 month ago
"First time using LekkeSlaap as I typically use Airbnb and Booking.com, but very comfortable to use LekkeSlaap going forward."

- Dylan J

1 month ago
"Easy to use website. Also like the fact you can email reservations with questions before booking and always get a quick reply."

- Alison C

1 month ago
"I have been using LekkeSlaap for all my holiday accommodations and never had a complaint about the places I stayed."

- Mary-anne M

1 month ago
"Very efficient and we love using the booking service as it lends a measure of security to both parties."

- Charl S

1 month ago
"This is my second time staying at one of the venues and I am very happy with LekkeSlaap. I got value for money and a restful stay."

- Rushnee M

1 month ago
"First time using the site and what a pleasure it was navigating and booking. I love that they communicate so well with you at every stage."

- Courtney D

1 month ago
"Thanks to Naeema and team for your great service. We will always do our bookings through you. We are very happy."

- Paul & Lorraine A

2 months ago
"I absolutely love this site! Anytime I go anywhere and need a place to stay, this site is the first place I go."

- Ashton B

2 months ago
"I simply love booking with LekkeSlaap. You guys are so very helpful. I will book with LekkeSlaap always."

- Saras A

2 months ago
"My second time booking through LekkeSlaap and both times was smooth sailing. They make everything so easy and convenient for you."

- Wendy D

2 months ago
"Megan and the team were extremely helpful with the booking and amendments we made. Keep up the good work "

- Zelda P

2 months ago
"The service provided is very efficient and professional. The website is pleasant to use for browsing and booking."

- Gavin E

2 months ago
"Super easy and quick booking through LekkeSlaap. Very informative information and pictures on destinations. Great website!"

- Mark W

2 months ago
"The booking system was very convenient. I want to thank Roxzanne for her awesome customer service as well! Thank you, much appreciated."

- Michaela L

2 months ago
"I loved how I was always updated via email and WhatsApp about my booking, and I was sent a reminder 2 days before."

- Tahnee D

2 months ago
"Very convenient and the booking agents are very friendly and efficient. I also feel safe booking via them with all the fraud going around."

- Pauline N

2 months ago
"LekkeSlaap is a good booking agency. I would recommend everyone to use it. Professional and they know how to treat their clients."

- Happy M

2 months ago
"Thanks so much for the great service! We shortened our original stay and were able to effect it absolutely seamlessly."

- Camilla S

2 months ago
"Meagan (from booking support) was extremely helpful with responding to my questions and assisting where possible. Excellent service."

- Manoj B

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