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Kalk Bay



Kalk Bay is a vibrant fishing village on the coast of False Bay in the Western Cape. This slightly bohemian suburb of Greater Cape Town lies wedged between the ocean and the mountains, and features one of the last working fishing harbours in South Africa. Experience all that Kalk Bay has to offer by booking one of the excellent accommodations listed below.

A literal translation of Kalk Bay is “Lime Bay” named after the unusual surrounding caves. These caves, known as “Ronan’s Well” and “Free Drinks Saloon”, are formed of sandstone that is quite rare for this type of chemically unreactive rock. Outdoor enthusiasts can hike to these caves and spend time exploring the mysterious nooks and crannies within them.

Kalk Bay is known for its timeless atmosphere, characterised by cobbled streets lined with eclectic bookshops, art galleries, antique stores, and a range of quirky cafes and restaurants. One would have to spend a fair amount of time in Kalk Bay to ensure that all of the attractions and activities can be enjoyed. There is a fantastic selection of accommodation located in Kalk Bay, ranging from cosy guest houses to self-catering establishments.

Ideally located along the railway line, Kalk Bay allows easy and convenient access to the city centre and all that it has to offer. The Atlantic Rail Steam Train runs through Kalk Bay every Sunday on its way from Cape Town to Simon’s Town, providing a sense of old world charm to the already slightly bohemian atmosphere.

Kalk Bay harbour is one of South Africa's last working harbours and is always buzzing with fishermen and traders baring their antiques and crafts. While you’re in Kalk Bay, keep an eye out for the traditional fishing vessels returning with their catch of the day and join the “fish auction” to get your hands on your own fresh fish. The waters lapping along Kalk Bay’s shores are also host to the famous surf spot known as the “Kalk Bay Reef”, renowned for heavy barrels and the associated shallow reef.

Activities to be enjoyed in Kalk Bay include sea fishing, angling, swimming in the sea and tidal pools, and romantic strolls along the harbour wall. Don’t forget to experience the 72-seater Kalk Bay Theatre, cocktails at Cape to Cuba, and a meal at the Brass Bell. Before you depart Kalk Bay, be sure to take a drive or walk along Boyes Drive, where fantastic whale watching can be enjoyed in season.

Make the most of your stay by booking of the following worthwhile accommodations in Kalk Bay.


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