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Muizenberg is a laidback beach suburb of Cape Town, in the Western Cape. It is characterised by white sandy beaches, the famous Surfer’s Corner, old world architecture, colourful buildings, historic museums, and friendly people. To ensure your one-of-a-kind holiday becomes a reality, browse our extensive list of Muizenberg accommodation listed below.

The centre of Muizenberg boasts grand architecture reminiscent of Victorian times when the suburb was an exclusive coastal resort for the rich and famous. Today, the eclectic beachside suburb is a colourful mix of history, culture, and natural beauty, with a range of top notch, yet affordable, accommodations for visitors to choose from.

Muizenberg boasts a beautiful white sandy beach that extends all the way around the top of False Bay. The beach is a mecca for swimmers, surfers, body boarders, kayakers, kite surfers, and sunbathers who take to the pristine sands and warmer waters of the Indian Ocean. Lined by colourful changing rooms, Muizenberg beach is breath-taking in its beauty, and can often be seen in postcards depicting Cape Town. The sea, known for its population of Great White Sharks, is secured by shark spotters and seasonal life guards that make it safe for bathers. In addition to the beach, you will find Surfer’s Corner, a popular attraction that draws locals and tourists alike to the famous surfing spot, lined by excellent beachfront shops.

Alongside Muizenberg beach, you will find a fascinating open-air entertainment venue with super tubes, ice cream shops, a public swimming pool, and a putt-putt course. Nearby you will find Gary’s Surf School where one can learn the art of surfing; after all – Muizenberg is considered to be the birthplace of surfing in South Africa.

A coastal walk leads from Muizenberg to St James and passes several historical buildings. These include the South African Police Museum, Natale Labia, Het Posthuys (the Post House), and Rhodes House. Het Posthuys is one of the oldest buildings in South Africa, built as a toll house to levy tax on farmers who were selling their produce to ships in Simon’s Bay. After that, it was used as a police station, stables, brothel, hotel, and a private house. Today it is cared for by the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society and features a collection of photos and items relating to the early days of Muizenberg. Rhodes Cottage was bought by Cecil John Rhodes as a holiday cottage and now boasts a museum dedicated to his life. Another worthwhile attraction is the site of the Battle of Muizenberg, where the defensive fort remains can be seen from a small but significant military affair in 1795.

The Zandvlei estuary in Muizenberg is one of the most important estuaries for fish spawning on the coastline; home to the Imperial Yacht Club and Peninsula Canoe Club. On Sundays, you can browse the Muizenberg Market which offers everything from clothing to African arts and crafts. In the evenings, book a show at the Masque Theatre featuring shows from ballet, to comedy and jazz. Spend time exploring the quirky streets of Muizenberg, lined with shops, restaurants, and take away spots.

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