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Vote for us in the World Travel Awards!
Vote for us in the World Travel Awards!

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Why they choose us

1 week ago
"I was assisted by a very friendly and accommodating agent who also helped to get the ideal place to stay at short notice."

- Deidre P

2 weeks ago
"We have used LekkeSlaap on a few occasions and have never been disappointed. Our number 1 choice when booking a holiday."

- Ashley David S

2 weeks ago
"Amazing service, consultants are on the ball and so ready to help. They went the extra mile to help me when I needed to change bookings."

- Cassidy Y

2 weeks ago
"It's a great site, easy to navigate when booking. The venues on the site are good, clean establishments, and you can trust the site's info."

- William V

2 weeks ago
"I always use LekkeSlaap. I never ever had a problem with any of my bookings. I always receive proper assistance and feedback when needed."

- Maria W

2 weeks ago
"Marisca was great in sorting out our problem. Can definitely recommend LekkeSlaap when booking accommodation."

- Lynn O

2 weeks ago
"Great selection of places to stay. Very easy to book and pay! Will use often. Thanks for great service."

- Juliana G

3 weeks ago
"LekkeSlaap makes things so convenient. They really offer amazing service. Hats off to everyone at LekkeSlaap, stay awesome."

- Felecia Z

3 weeks ago
"Didn't need any assistance with customer service as the booking was quick, simple and efficient. I always use LekkeSlaap."

- Margaret J

3 weeks ago
"All made easy and kept up to date and reminded of bookings. Instructions from each place are clear and easy to follow."

- Carlien B

4 weeks ago
"We use LekkeSlaap for most of our holiday bookings and I have not been disappointed as yet. Keep up the good work, LekkeSlaap."

- Angela V

4 weeks ago
"You provide a fantastic, user-friendly service, and LekkeSlaap has now become my go-to site for making local bookings."

- Werner N

4 weeks ago
"Thank you guys for being a legitimate and trustworthy vacation booking agency. Very convenient and much appreciated."

- Jan A

4 weeks ago
"Simple and to the point, never had any issues. Thank you LekkeSlaap for making our holiday bookings a breeze!"

- Darryll B

4 weeks ago
"Love this site, which provides a fantastic alternative to the Airbnb and Booking.com conglomerates which we will no longer support."

- Gaby R

1 month ago
"When we needed to change dates of our booking, the agents contacted us and sorted out things really quickly. Very professional."

- Matthew G

1 month ago
"I love it! It's easy to use and has a discount if you are a rewards member. I always book our stays through LekkeSlaap."

- Carmen P

1 month ago
"I booked through Sanlam Reality, which made me feel safe and secure in making an online booking. The service was amazing."

- Andre B

1 month ago
"First time using LekkeSlaap and what I loved is the three other proposals to choose from when my first booking was not available."

- Dzunisani M

1 month ago
"Keep up the good work. You made our stay very comfortable. We felt at home. Quick service and communication were very helpful."

- Jennifer O

1 month ago
"Definitely my no. 1 booking agent from now on. Extremely efficient and excellent service. Danell-Marie is a legend!"

- Mark H

1 month ago
"I never had any challenges with my bookings through LekkeSlaap. The agents are very competent and ready to be of service. Thank you."

- Caroline H

1 month ago
"Lauren was extremely helpful, professional, and friendly. I will seek her out personally for our next road trip bookings."

- Louisa P

1 month ago
"Tremaine was fantastic as usual in assisting to find accommodation and stayed in contact all the time. Well done!"

- Charmaine M

1 month ago
"This is the second time booking, and I received great customer service from Roxzanne once again. Thanks so much for your assistance!"

- Michaela L

1 month ago
"I always make use of LekkeSlaap. Stress-free booking, agents always checking on you with reminders of bookings. Very good service."

- Christel D

2 months ago
"We use LekkeSlaap for bookings as the accommodation is always as advertised, and the communication and info is great."

- Mike G

2 months ago
"I really enjoy using LekkeSlaap. Such a reliable booking agent. A wide range of accommodation on offer."

- Ian C

2 months ago
"The best and fastest booking experience at present. You really get what you are looking for - any price range and anywhere you want to go."

- Helena K

2 months ago
"Quick, easy, and well run with excellent feedback and up to date info on your booking. Very professional."

- Donnae M

2 months ago
"My agent was on lunch when I made my booking and needed some extra assistance. The team worked together to make it easy for us."

- Jennifer D

2 months ago
"LekkeSlaap is a great booking agent. No hidden fees, and the staff are ever ready to help with any queries. Keep it up, guys!"

- Lynette N

2 months ago
"An easy, user-friendly way to make bookings with quick responses to any queries you might have. Will only book through them."

- Ronni V

2 months ago
"We have now done quite a few bookings through LekkeSlaap and will continue to do so for future travels."

- Ronni V

3 months ago
"Thank you for such a user-friendly website and booking process. Even payments are hassle-free. Always a pleasure!"

- Richard B

3 months ago
"Booking was done in the last minutes, and we were grateful for the prompt responses and the help received."

- Nthabiseng M

3 months ago
"Find the best places to stay in one place at the best price and get the best service included passella."

- Isac M

3 months ago
"You guys are really awesome to chat with and friendly, whether it's via email, the chat on the booking confirmation, or telephone."

- Felicity P

3 months ago
"Always such a pleasure and so easy to book a place to stay. Thank you very much. Looking forward to our next stay."

- Genene V

3 months ago
"I always use LekkeSlaap for booking accommodation when travelling, and have always had prompt and professional service."

- Bernadine K

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